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Be part of the new era of Integrated Analytics in IT




Safely and effectively control your company's entire machine park. With Skynet PRO you can control all servers, desktops, resources and services in one central platform.


With the Skynet PRO monitoring platform, you will have real-time monitoring of your company's main servers and services. You will also be able to know if employees are installing inappropriate programs and if they are consuming too much bandwidth.


Also monitor your business, the inclusion of data, your orders, if the tasks are being carried out correctly with Skynet PRO


The SKYNET PRO platform makes it possible to centralize all your company's data information.


Always have the main reports, performance indicators and controls available to make your decisions more assertive.


If your company has more than one data source, SKYNET PRO is the ideal tool to provide all the data, consuming all the bases and delivering the unified view that your business needs.

Access all your reports from any device: PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones!!





Schedule alerts and notifications to receive in your email, whatsapp or SMS.


PKY's and real-time indicators about your sales or any data that is relevant to you and your company.

Have the vision of your entire business in a simple and intuitive way





With SKYNET PRO you can control your customer's experience on your company's platforms acting as a CRM and bringing your business closer to your customers in a complete way.

We integrate with your ecosystem

Skynet PRO and its solutions fit your environment to

that the implementation has as little impact as possible.

We analyze the layout of your structure and your business and implement a fully integrated solution for your business.

Request a review and demo from our analysts!

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